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Mountains of Life

Mountains are a natural elevation of the earth’s surface, but they can also represent sometimes small and seemingly insurmountable obstacles in life. There are mountains in life for everyone, but we also have God to help us get over them. Here are four mountains mentioned in the Bible that we can see to help us during our journey

Mt. Ararat is the first mountain mentioned in scripture. We find it in Genesis 8. It is the mountain where Noah’s ark landed, and Noah saw the rainbow of God’s promise. It’s a reminder of God’s promises to us. And when God promises, He’s not saying, I’ll try. He is saying I can, and I will. Let God's promises shine on your problems. I don't always feel His presence. But God's promises do not depend upon my feelings; they rest upon His integrity.

Mt. Moriah is where Abraham was commanded to sacrifice his son, Isaac in Genesis 22, and he climbed Mt. Moriah. Of course, we know that God provided a substitute sacrifice. It’s a reminder of the sacrifice that Jesus gave for us on the cross. Christ lived the life we could not live and took the punishment we could not take to offer the hope we cannot resist. When Jesus died on the cross, so did your sin; when He rose from the dead, so did your HOPE.

Mt. Sinai is the mountain where Moses received the Ten Commandments, as we read in Deuteronomy and Exodus. A reminder that God wants us to keep and obey His commandments. We are to obey God and leave all the consequences to Him.

Mt. Pisgah/Mt. Nebo is where Moses, after many years of wandering in the desert, finally saw the Promised Land. This reminds us that the desert is not permanent. We have a much more promising future. Because Christ entered our world. As a result, we can enter His.

We all have our mountains to climb, but great things are done when men and mountains meet. Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was. And only those who are willing to climb can possibly find out how far one can go.

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